Message From Regency Founder, Mr. David Gross


“The greatness of America begins with each of you—in the mighty spirit of free people under God, in the bedrock values you live by each day in your families, neighborhoods, and work-places. Each of you is an individual worthy of respect, unique and important to the success of America.”

….”We must remember the most distinctive mark of all in the American experience: To a tired and disillusioned world, we’ve always been a New World and, yes, a shining city on a hill where all things are possible.”

-President Ronald Reagan-

On behalf of the entire Regency Family, I’d like to wish you all a very happy July 4th weekend!

Today we celebrate our Independence and honor all those brave men and women whose blood was shed in their ultimate acts of self sacrifice so that we may enjoy our freedom and liberties in this great Country of ours.

Specifically, at our Regency Post-acute care and Nursing Centers, I join all of our dedicated staff in honoring our elderly loved ones and our veterans.

You have all borne witness to the beauty and resiliency of these United States over the course of many years.

You’ve lived through the turmoil of war and the vicissitudes of a troubled economy. You’ve endured many trials and tribulations, and have experienced periods of happiness and sadness.

I salute you all on this Independence Day and reaffirm my commitment to spare no effort or expense in providing you with the singular care and compassion which has become the ‘Regency Hallmark of Excellence.’

Warm Regards,
David Gross L.N.H.A.

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