Melvin Has Serious Staring Problems!

Ever since the time I bumped into Melvin at Regency Heritage at 1 am while doing rounds with Robert Gross (documented for posterity right here) and caught him in the act of chewing up our material, he has been cold and aloof towards me whenever I pass him in the hallway.

Ours, is a kind of a love/hate relationship; we love each other, but he hates the fact that I was snooping on him at 1am and he never got over it.

While I’m not usually one to stand on ceremony, I was slightly perturbed this afternoon when I thought I noticed him in my periphery staring at me intently as I was waiting for the elevator.

I wasn’t 100% certain of it, however, so I tried the old trick below (see photo):

regency daily message - 104

Unfortunately, it wasn’t conclusive.

Melvin is a very smart and savvy gawker, apparently.

I knew he was staring at me, though.

In fact, if looks could kill, I was ready to become a statistic!

The problem was that I couldn’t prove it!

So I went for tactic number two.

I feigned right towards the elevator console and then pulled an Ali move from the “Thrilla in Manilla” and pivoted left on dime while simultaneously whipping out my smartphone to capture the moment!

Like Joe Frazier in that famous fight, Melvin never saw it coming!

The look on his face is priceless!

Take a look below!



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