Meet An Inspirational Resident at Regency Jewish Heritage!

Meet Our Beloved Molly!


Molly Is one of our centenarian residents who has been residing at Regency for almost 3 years.

Mollie grew up in New York City with her parents and 3 brothers.  As a child, she loved to read and walked to the library every Saturday morning.  She was allowed to take out 2 fiction books and 4 non-fiction, and her choices always included fairy tales.

Mollie went to Hunter College in NY on a full scholarship and earned a degree in political science and history. During the war, she worked for the Navy, inspecting ammunition in a factory in Jersey City. After the war, she worked as a payroll accountant at Lerner Shops clothing in New York City. 

A few years later, she married a lucky man who lived in Highland Park, NJ and the couple had two lovely daughters there, Wendy and Alisa. Both are now grown and visit her all the time.

Mollie worked for many years as a special education teacher in a nearby elementary school.  She was also an active volunteer in the PTA and Hadassah. She loved to bake for her family; her specialties were apple pies and sponge cake. 

Sadly her husband passed away 15 years ago and Mollie is now living at Regency. Today, Mollie spends her day with her peers; she joins them for Zumba gold, yoga and joins in all the programs that are offered daily. She keeps her mind and body active. And she tells everyone, “Every day is a gift especially if nothing hurts, so enjoy life”.

Mollie is an amazing resident and a truly an inspiration to all, because if she can do it, you can too!

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