Medical Robot Demand Increasing

I’ve said many times; Regency Nursing Centers loves breakthrough technology in medicine and healing!

Over the years, the demand for medical robots has increased significantly.

This is due to a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry, where more emphasis is being laid on minimally invasive surgeries through the use of robots.

Surgical robots improve the accuracy of procedures and thus reduce the complication rates in surgeries. Apart from being accurate, robotic procedures also offer significant cost savings in terms of pre- and post-operation care costs and length of stay at hospitals.

Furthermore, technological advancements and breakthroughs such as expanded applications of robotic systems, robotics combined with imaging platforms, and capsule robot systems are expected to drive the global medical robotics market in the coming years. The other factors that are driving the growth of the global medical robotics market include growth in aging population, increase in the incidences of neurological and orthopedic disorders, and growth in demand for telemedicine.

Moreover, owing to the increased demand and usage of robot assisted procedures, various government bodies are increasingly supporting the development of medical robots.

Here is a list of several robotic segments and applications:

Surgical Robots
Orthopedic Surgical Robots
Neurological Surgical Systems
Laparoscopy Robotic Systems
Steerable Robotic Catheters
Rehabilitation Robots
Assistive Robots
Therapeutic Robots
Exoskeleton Robotic Systems
Non-Invasive Radio surgery Robots
Hospital and Pharmacy Robots
Telemedicine Robots
I.V. Robots
Pharmacy Robots

I captured this video below of a robot doing a difficult origami!!
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