Dangerous Myths about Senior Falls

The leading cause of fatal injury in older people? A fall. The leading cause of nonfatal injury in older people? A fall. The most common way for a senior to lose their independence? You guessed it: a fall.

The statistics on falls among older people are sobering:

One in every four senior citizens falls every year in the US.
Every eleven seconds, a senior goes to the emergency room because of a fall.
Every nineteen minutes, a senior dies as the result of a fall.

Yet, many seniors are reluctant to consider the possibility of falling.
If there is a senior in your life, make sure they do not fall prey to one of these 3 dangerous, but all-too-common, myths about falling.

“I’m not at risk of falling because I don’t do anything dangerous. I just stay at home.”
More than half of all senior falls occur in the home, while the person is doing a task no more dangerous than getting out of a chair or going to the bathroom.
It is important to do a falls risk assessment in the home of every older person. Simple steps such as increasing the lighting, especially in the bathroom and on the way to the bathroom; removing throw rugs; and installing grab bars can dramatically decrease the risk of falling.
“Getting weaker is normal. There’s nothing to do about it.”
A senior might feel that loss of strength is a natural part of aging. While it’s true that strength generally decreases with age, exercise — particularly exercise that focuses on fall prevention — can help a senior keep the strength, balance, and flexibility they need to prevent a fall.
“I don’t want to use a cane because I will become dependent on it.”
Surprisingly, even when advised by a doctor to use a cane, many seniors refuse. They may be afraid that using a cane will lead them on the path to needing more and more intensive support, like a walker or wheelchair.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If a senior uses a cane when advised to, they are more likely to avoid falling. But if they ignore the suggestion, they become more prone to a fall. And once they fall, they are likely to need much more support than a mere cane.

If your older loved one believes any of these dangerous myths, it is crucially important to change their thinking. Doing so can save their independence, and even their life.

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