Let’s Talk Healthcare Not Fish!

“Different strokes for different folks” – an idiomatic expression I think of quite often.

A friend of mine who I periodically run with similarly works in the Healthcare industry as I do (albeit in a different capacity than myself).

This morning, he excitedly informs me of an article he came across regarding an enormous HUGEongus (I just made up the word) fish called the arapaima or pirarucu which lives in the Amazon River in the heart of Brazil.

In this lusciously green nature reserve, men in canoes club these supersize fish with wooden bats then lug them back to their homes to eat and trade.

I mean, honestly, should I care?! This is what drives you (I thought to myself)?! Let the fish live and let live. Of what significance is this factoid to me at this moment?!

The Amazon River
The Amazon River

This guy works in the healthcare industry, so why couldn’t  we discuss our own business?!

Back in school, we’d have dubbed a guy like this, “king of all useless information.”

So I ask you facetiously if this is what you folks would like for me to talk and write about?

I mean, I’d much rather be passionate about healthcare and Regency Nursing, as we are immeasurably enriching the lives of our residents and their families.

Shall I write about fish instead?!

I was actually reminded of the long standing feud between radio talk show hosts Mark Levin and Michael Savage that began over a dispute in ratings– both claimed to be the third most-listened-to conservative radio talk show host, behind Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Mark Levin
Mark Levin
Michael Savage
Michael Savage


So when Savage recently held forth on his show regarding meatballs and sausages and how they should be cooked and what sauces and spices to use, Mark Levin invoked him on his own show and asked his listeners in mock wonderment whether they preferred for him to discuss ‘meatballs’ on his political talk show?!

I’ll cede the point that I will sometimes engage in light banter and many of you have happily acknowledged this to me in private communications.

But let’s focus on Regency Nursing and the unrivaled measure of excellence we bring to the senior healthcare world, shall we.

Oh, and because I know how curious you are to read the article (with awesome pictures) regarding the funky fish in Brazil, you’ll find it right here!

Now take on the day!

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