Language Barrier Notwithstanding!

A family I toured with the other day, expressed concern regarding the language barrier between many of our English speaking caregivers and the patient who only speaks Italian.

They weren’t sure whether or not to admit their Mom to our facility unless we could provide a dedicated Italian speaking nurse.

My response?

Some things are universal, especially the language of compassion!!

Reminds me of good old Pac-man from the days of my youth…

Oh, how I loved that game!!

I didn’t understand a blessed word Pac-man was saying while he munched happily on golf balls as I moved him round and round the screen.

But I knew he was content and he knew I was happy too…

We spoke a common and universal language!!

I’ll dedicate the illustration below as our ‘Regency Daily Dose Of Inspiration!’

regency daily message - 67

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