Knowing What To Say And When To Say It.

My family has people very close to us who are dealing with a difficult personal issue at this juncture.

To be compassionate requires the prescience of knowing the right thing to say at just the right time.

Sometimes one can do more damage with a word unspoken than to speak and take the risk of sending the wrong message.

At Regency Nursing Centers,  this man has made it his mission to teach this concept and our sensitivities are heightened towards providing the penultimate level of compassion, both in what we speak and choose not to speak.

The other day, I got a call from a gentleman who will be placing him Mom in our Regency Park facility in Hazlet, within the next several days. She is currently living in an assisted living center and I initially had no idea how the family came to choose us for her long term care.

Then Bill reminded me that we had spoken over the telephone several months ago and he said that at the time he was “drowning” in a sea of confusion, misinformation and worry.
He was in the process of applying for Medicaid on behalf of his Mom and desperately needed help.

Every facility he called, gave him the ‘cold shoulder’ the minute they heard that a potential admission wasn’t imminent.

He said, “You were the only one who took plenty of time with me over the phone, to explain the process and what I needed to do in precise detail.”

He never forgot this compassionate in his time of need and now several months later at the end of his journey he has chosen Regency Park.

Knowing what to say and when to say it, is key to any successful communication.

ALL of us at Regency have perfected this art.

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