Just Call Them The DMV

I was at the NJ DMV this morning from 8 am to 8:30 am, which is the shortest time I have ever spent at any DMV thus far in my driving career.

It seems the heavens are smiling upon me on this day.

Still, the DMV is a harrowing experience and not for the faint hearted.

In the hierarchy of my tedious and nerve wracking experiences, spending any length of time at the DMV, ranks right up there next to the time I waited 30 minutes at the barber shop for the bald guy in front of me to complete his “hair”-cut.

The guy was so hairless, I envisioned playing a game of tic tac toe on his chrome dome. 

Yet, here he was, driving the barber (and me) to the point of insanity with his directions and ministrations. Nary a hair on his head and you’d have thought he was chewbaka from Star Wars!

But wait, I did have another “hair raising” (pun intended) experience recently when I visited a certain nursing and rehabilitation facility to screen a patient for possible admission to our 5 Star Regency Nursing And Post-Acute Rehab Center in Somerset, NJ.

Like all rehab facilities, this particular rehab center is supposedly invested in helping their rehab patients get their power back.

However, instead of a power back rehabilitation experience, I noted folks lined up in wheelchairs all across the hallway.

It was a gut wrenching sight and one you’d never see at at any Regency Rehabilitation Center.

I have a new name for that place.

I’m calling it “DMV Nursing and Rehabilitation.”

Now go take on the day!

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