Jay Leno Video Interview With 100 Year Old Dorothy Custer!

At Regency Nursing Centers, it is a well established fact that we have more centenarians under our roof than any other nursing facility around. We ‘wrote the book’ on Centenarians! We achieved a Guinness World Record for hosting the largest Centenarian gathering under one roof.

The fact is, our residents thrive with us and their quality of life at Regency is the catalyst for their healthy ‘golden years!”

So when I saw this recent video interview by Jay Leno with 100 year old Dorothy Custer, I was absolutely tickled with delight!
You must watch this video. You will roll with laughter.

Dorothy Custer is the definition of gumption. Listen to her tell the story of how she met her husband, then at 1:15 she reveals the secret to long life (btw, it’s the cutest thing ever).

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