Is It Cute To Call A Resident Cute?

There has been a ton of feedback over this question after a recent (and strongly worded) article written by Jean Wendland Porter was published on McKnights.


Read her article below and see whether you agree or disagree

Jean Wendland Porter writes:

“Working in long-term care for over 35 years, I’ve heard various residents referred to as “cute” nearly every day. “Cute” competes with “spry” and “adorable.” They’re called “honey” and “sweetie” as a means of communicating our concern for them.  We need to rethink how the infantilization of our elderly is received by them and their families.

Our residents are not cute.

The man who happens to be small in stature hasn’t spent his 80 years in pursuit of being cute.  He may have fought for our country overseas, and he may have seen horrors and heroism beyond our comprehension. He probably lost his parents, maybe his wife, or even his children. He may have survived our country’s deepest Depression and worked to feed his family. He may have loved ones too far away to ever see again, and carries those cares and trepidations inside, visible only to him.”

Read the full article here.

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