Intimacy Policies in Nursing Homes

Very interesting topic making the news at the moment. At the center of it, is the Hebrew Home for The Aged in Riverdale, NY.

From Bloomberg News: July 23, 2013

The nurse was frantic. She’d just seen two elderly people having sex in a room at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, New York. She asked Daniel A. Reingold, then the home’s executive vice president, what she should do.

Said Reingold, now president and chief executive officer of the home: “We honor what remains in a person, not what’s gone.”

No one keeps track of how many of the nation’s 16,000 elderly care facilities have policies like the Hebrew Home’s. Greg Crist, a spokesman for the American Health Care Association, an industry trade group, said, “I’m not aware of anything that’s consistent.”

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Click here for the Hebrew Home policy on “Sexual Expression.”

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