Inspiring Story From An Amazing Resident At Regency Heritage!

From The desk of Laurina, our Recreation Director at Regency Jewish Heritage!

An Amazing Recovery!

Ramon Guevara is one of our residents at Regency who inspires everyone who ever meets him and knows him. He was admitted in April 2016 and has since become a warm and jovial presence in the building.

After one of the recreation staff interviewed him she was amazed how such a bright young and highly educated man got to be compromised and wound up in a facility for skilled nursing care.

So she went on and asked him what brought you here to Regency? He said that he had an accident in Cuba. Mr. Guevara went on a journey to Cuba to experience what is it like to visit the Country where his parents grew up and met and married each other.

Ramon was the only child in his family. At some point, his family immigrated to the U.S.

Ramon reiterated that he intended to write a book about his lovely parents and was therefore interested in retracing their steps back to Cuba. Ramon lived in Cuba for a month or so, before returning home to the United States to finish writing his book. On his very last day in Cuba, on his way to the airport to take his flight back home, the rental car he was driving hit a bump and he lost control of the car. His car rolled down into a wooded forest and he twisted his body and wound up with a broken back.

Mr. Guevara was taken to the nearest hospital in Cuba where he was admitted into the intensive care unit. The doctors did their best to put him together but it wasn’t enough.

They wound up flying him to a hospital in Florida where they have the best neurosurgeons in the country. The surgeons worked on each of the nerves in his back and when Ramon recovered from surgery, he found that he was unable to move his legs and left arm, or feel any sensation in these extremities.

Weeks went by and the doctors finally released him to Regency Heritage, which is one of the best rehab centers in the area and close to his home and family.

I remembered Ramon saying during this interview that his worst fear is that he will be wheelchair bound forever at this young age

Fast forward to today …(two years later)

Ramon Guevara continues to flourish in his therapy and rehab.

He is now able to move his legs and his arms and is now independently moving his wheelchair to navigate around the building.

In the photo above, Ramon was able to go out for dinner on Father’s Day with is family!

His favorite restaurant?

Red Lobster!

Ramon continues to be an inspiration for every one!

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