Information Regarding Dementia and “Sundowning”.

As we age, most people will experience the frustration of forgetting a name, losing our keys, or wondering whether we locked the front door. While such moments of forgetfulness may cause embarrassment or brief inconvenience, in fact, they are perfectly normal and should not be assumed to be signs of early Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. These medical conditions are marked by serious memory problems that affect a person’s ability to carry out activities of every day living.
Within the realm of Dementia, there are various stages and symptoms. One of the byproducts for people suffering from Demetia is a phenomenon called the “Sundowning Syndrome”.brain-hyman-300x300

“Sundowners”, tend to show high levels of anxiety, agitation, general activity and delirium.
Sundowning typically occurs in the late afternoon and evening hours, before their normal bed time.
At Regency Nursing & Rehab Centers, we are very sensitive to the issue of sundowning and we treat our residents suffering from dementia, with utmost compassion and respect.

I came across a great article published just a few days ago on the website, Alzheimer’s Weekly.

The article tackles the topic of Sundowning and seeks to determine whether it is caused by “chemistry or frustration”.
I think it’s an excellent and informative read.

Click here for a direct link to this article.

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