IBM’s Watson Supercomputer Takes Aim At Health Care Analytics

IBM’s supercomputer known as “Watson” might be best known for winning the game show Jeopardy!—but senior living providers might soon think of the artificial intelligence technology as an important ally in keeping residents healthy and happy.

With the help of such big names as Apple, Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic, IBM is launching Watson Health, the company recently announced. The new Boston-based dedicated business unit of IBM will aim to take health care analytics to a new level by utilizing Watson to analyze a vast store of data.

At the center of the effort is the Watson Health Cloud. This will be a secure, open platform capable of analyzing massive amounts of data gleaned from electronic medical records, research organizations, wearable devices such as fitness trackers, and other sources. Because Watson possesses cutting-edge capabilities—such as “cognitive computing” abilities that allow it to learn and interact in a natural way with humans—it should be able to work in novel and useful ways with this trove of information.

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Source: Tim Mullaney for Senior Housing News

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