I Had a “Huh” Moment Today!

I toured with a family today and we had a candid discussion about the “rehab facility” where Mom is currently and where I will soon be releasing her from with her family’s eternal gratitude.

In recounting Mom’s nightmare experience at this other “rehab center”, they told me about a specific and most egregious issue.

Now I try very hard not to solicit feedback for other facilities and/or to interject with my commentary when families pro-actively decide to vent to me about their prior experiences.

I simply reassure them that at Regency Mom will be able to thrive as she deserves in the most caring and compassionate environment possible.

Today, however, when I heard this specific complaint recounted by the family, my knee jerk reaction was very quick. My jaw dropped and I uttered one disbelieving word; “HUH!?”

The family looked at me and responded with 3 words; “yes, we know.”

Actually, between our 4 shared words we had an entire conversation!

These 4 words were replete with unspoken questions, untold aggravation, total disbelief, sad confirmation and my unspoken commitment to be better and do better – because WE ARE BETTER AT REGENCY. MUCH BETTER!

You see, my friends, “HUH” is a universal term that means the same thing in every language.

In fact, it is amazing how the dynamics of human conversation gave shape to a word that knows no boundaries.

Read all about it by clicking on the link below, it will make you smile for sure.

Check it out!

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