I Am Happily Addicted To Regency Nursing Centers!

To define the concept of addiction and the behavior of an addict has a plethora of meanings and connotations to different people, in certain conditions and under specific stimuli. It is beyond the scope of this article to address the minutia of addictions and the proclivities expressed by those who suffer from the harmful effects of such a reality.

I can tell you that I am addicted to many things, including family, music and running. Concerning the latter obsession, there is positivity and negativity associated with my running. Certainly, it is good for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but when you run 12 miles at 4am while the rest of the world sleeps, because you wont be able to ‘get it in’ during the rest of the day, perhaps this is where you cross the line?

I shall not delve into it too deeply, nor will I wonder what type of Freudian underpinnings and causality can be attributed to deeply rooted and dormant ‘feelings’ and ‘issues.’

I need to make a living too….which brings me to my other obsession and addiction; Regency Nursing Centers!!

I was taught that there are two ways for a person to ‘grow’:

One can climb the proverbial mountain and grow by virtue of their own merits.

Or, one can ‘grow’ by digging trenches around themselves in order to elevate themselves while they denigrate and undermine others.

At Regency Nursing Centers, “we have got the goods” and don’t need to resort to digging ditches. It is poor taste and we don’t engage in such shenanigans.

But that isn’t my ‘addiction’ and I digress…

My unavoidable addiction is when I invariably meet with families at our facilities for a tour and subsequently encourage them to visit our competition! Why would I do something so boneheaded you ask? To be obsessed with Regency Rehab Centers in New Jersey is one thing. However, the addiction of inviting comparisons seems absurd, yes?


We’ve got the goods and our facilities, staff and environments sell themselves. I practically needn’t say a word. The comparison of Regency Nursing Centers to our competition is indeed part of my desire to ‘climb the mountain’.

This is a positive addiction. This isn’t about ‘digging trenches’ and I never resort to any negativity.

I simply say this:

I understand that you have another few facilities to check out today? Sure, no problem! Scrutinize each and every one of them and by the end of the day, you’ll be shouting in my direction to embrace your Mom at one of our Regency facilities.

I’ll leave the light on for you!

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