Home Sweet Home, For Real.

My daily dose of inspiration for today, includes an observation from yesterday (how’s that for a 2 for 1 special)!

I was visiting a patient at another nursing home in the area (the patient is here now – t’was an upgrade of course..) and knew that they had recently done some renovations to ‘update’ their look.

I was curious to see the fruits of their labor.

Walking into their lobby was like a full frontal assault on the senses.

It was a cacophony of ostentatious chandeliers and gaudy sconces and mirrors all vying at once for my undivided attention!

The room looked like something out of a medieval recreation of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. In fact, I was certain that at any moment, Gwendolyn was going to sashay into the lobby from behind those double doors.

The homologous chromosomes  in my brain, were grinding against each other and I was afraid my synapsis would explode.

It was a struggle for me to keep myself in check and by the time I got to see the patient, my eyes were bugging out and I was seeing two of her!

(wishful thinking to get two admissions for the price of one..)

In any event, I ask all of you, what ever happened to simplistic beauty?

What ever happened to understated elegance?

When did this nursing facility forget that theirs, is supposed to be a home and a haven, not a Hollywood movie set?!

When I got back to Regency Park and entered our lobby, I took a deep breath and exhaled wery slowwwwllyyy (multiple letters for special effect…this is not a typo).

I was finally HOME.

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