Holiday Cheer At Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers, NJ

We had a great fun filled weekend at our Regency Nursing Centers as we celebrated Halloween with special activities and events!

Special thanks goes out to our fabulous Recreation departments for their amazing and creative fun filled programs!

What did I do?

Well, many of my friends participated in the N.Y.C. Marathon yesterday.

Not me. However, I did conclude my own 20 miles of weekend running (solo) as a consolation prize (and it was a blast. I solve many issues of global import during these excursions!…all in my mind of course)

I spent the day yesterday at our magnificent Regency Heritage Post-acute Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Somerset, NJ.

Several families sent me their holiday images and I’m grateful for that!

This cute photo (below) from one of our special families at Regency Park, gave me a good laugh!


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