Good Stuff In Moderation?

……Not at Regency Nursing and Post-acute Care and Rehabilitation Centers, where the care is doled out in heaping portions and never in moderation!

I was never one for moderation anyway, which is why I love Regency! With me it was always all or nothing. It was always ‘all hands on deck,’ and you’re either in or out. With me, you’re either playing for all the marbles or your sidelined as a spectator.

Moderation is ok when you’re trying to eat well and lose weight. It is not ok, when you are in the business of healing people.

The reason Regency Nursing Centers is the envy of the healthcare industry, is because we don’t vacillate when it comes to the quality of care we provide.

Where other facilities tend to dither with respect to how far they will ex$$end themselves to provide for the care of their residents, Regency spares no expense.

We are extremely resolute in providing the highest level of care possible.

This begs the following question:

Why is Regency Nursing Centers, so singular in this effort? How did Regency become the ‘Gold Standard’ in healthcare and the metric by which others are measured?

The answer is to be found in our leadership.

But let me digress for a moment to allow for additional perspective.

For an individual with a special interest in linguistics and etymology (and I do believe I qualify), it is a special treat to be able to use the words ‘logos,’ ‘ethos,’ and ‘pathos,’ in the very same sentence!

So here I go and let me give it a whirl!

Our visionary Regency Founder and President, Mr. David Gross, exhibits palpable pathos in his conveyance of various modes of logos to outline the ‘Regency Difference,’ which further enhances his impeccable ethos and disposition!

Run on sentence?

I think not.

It’s all true, BTW.

Now go take on the day!!

Regency Nursing Centers. 25 Years of Excellence - and the Gold Standard in Healthcare!
Regency Nursing Centers. 25 Years of Excellence – and the Gold Standard in Healthcare!

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