Gifted Poet at Regency Park Nursing!

Mr. Ray Wares has been living with us at Regency Park for quite some time. He is a tremendous asset to our community and is also a gifted poet.

yours truly with my good friend, Mr. Wares!
yours truly with my good friend, Mr. Wares!

Many of our staff members have been the lucky beneficiaries of special poems written by Mr. Wares especially for them!
Here is one of Ray’s most favorite compositions:



They are small creatures of G-d
Who live off seeds of a flower pod.
Their nests are made of twigs and leaves
Most of which are built in trees.

They protect their young in their own way
It’s done each and every day.
They keep them under their wings in a storm
And it also keeps them comfortable and warm.

For food they hunt all around
Sometimes it comes off the ground.
In trees they chirp and chatter
When danger is near they scatter.

Up in trees or on the ground
Are where these little birds are found.
Their color is mostly “rust”
But in G-d they only trust.

By: Ray Wares

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