First Impression With Assisted Living Not Always Stellar

Pretty strong rebuke today from McKnight’s regarding the state of Assisted Living Communities. Apparently, they don’t score well on the Dale Carnegie – “How to Win Friends and Influence People” metric.

But that’s ok, because folks always have the ability to choose a Regency Nursing Center for their loved one. We ALWAYS impress and our consistent 5 star ratings attest to this.

Oh, and we also provide 24 hour skilled nursing care (as opposed to assisted living), which means we will constantly impress, all day, everyday, 365 days a year.

Tim Mullaney writes the following:

Assisted living communities consistently do not make a good first impression with prospective customers, and they haven’t improved this skill set in the last decade, according to data from George Mason University in Virginia.

Sales staff fielding telephone inquiries routinely fail to ask for basic information about prospective residents, do not offer in-person tours, and neglect to gather information to boost marketing efforts, students in the Senior Housing Administration program determined.

George Mason students have been conducting “mystery shops” of assisted living and senior housing communities since 2004. They place telephone calls on behalf of a prospective “A-lead” customer, as defined by needs, finances and ability to move. They then grade the community representative on 30 criteria across four categories: First Impression, Needs Assessment, Ability to Meet Needs and Follow Up/Close.

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