Expanding Social Security Benefits

Join the Momentum Building for Expanding Social Security Benefits
November 19, 2013
 Thank You Rivka G!
Almost 6 months ago, nobody was talking about expanding Social Security   benefits. The conversation was all about cuts. Now, national and local   momentum is building for this popular idea. Polls   done in states as diverse as Kentucky, Iowa, and California show that   expanding Social Security benefits is popular by over 2 to 1 and in Texas,   Colorado, and Hawaii, it’s 3 to 1.Over 650,000 people have already signed an online petition to expand   Social Security and now we are asking social workers to sign the petition. Click   here to join the National Association of Social Workers in signing this   petition. The National Association of Social Workers joined the campaign to expand   Social Security. We called on Congress to ensure cuts to Social Security were   off the negotiating table and for Congress to expand Social Security   benefits, not cut them.

We are supporting the pending bills — Senator   Begich (S. 308) and   Senator Harkin (S. 567) Representative   Sanchez (H.R. 3118–House version of Harkin) — that would increase   cost-of-living adjustments for retirees, giving people $452 more in Social   Security at age 75 and $807 more at age 85. The increase would be funded by   ensuring that everyone — regardless of how much they earn — be subject to   the same Social Security withholding, i.e. scrapping the cap. At this time,   those who earn more than $113,700 are not subject to additional Social   Security withholding. With scrapping the cap, an expansion of Social Security   is both paid for and it’s overall solvency is extended.

Click   here to join NASW in signing this petition.

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