Ethics vs. Integrity

I went out for my long run this Sunday. I did 16 miles (consecutive), at an 8:30 minute  avg. pace per mile, including the brutal 516.4 ft. elevation from the bottom of Garret Mountain to the top.

I got a chance to think about a plethora of issues, from the mundane to the sublime.

Seriously, I thought about integrity in business and especially integrity in healthcare.

In healthcare, it isn’t sufficient to simply act in an ethical manner, in my view.

Ethics can be described as “adhering to the script.”

It can be said that an ethical person follows the rules. Typically, you would hope the rules are conducive to fostering personal growth and achievement, strength of character and proper behavior.

However, rules are still rules and the salient point is that depending upon who generates the rules, they may be morally sound, or morally corrupt.

There are plenty of folks who abide by the rules as a way of staying out of trouble, but the rules dictate the behavior and if the rules themselves are corrupt, the behavior is worse.

Many nursing homes and healthcare providers “follow their own rules”….

Big deal.

Conversely, integrity is an entirely different matter.

Integrity is all about doing what is inherently right, moral and just, regardless of whether or not it is in accordance with somebody’s rules.

Someone with integrity, is an individual with the moral fiber, strength of character and backbone to do what is right 10/10 times even it runs contrary to “conventional wisdom” and “rules.”

I’m thankful for the people I know, both personally and professionally.

They are Men and Women of the highest caliber and integrity.

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