Eating Does Affect Rehabilitation

I’m crazy about staying fit and in shape (if possible).

I’m an avid runner and log many, many running miles to accomplish this.

Other folks disagree. They argue that round is also a shape so they eat to stay in shape; the round shape.

Round is also a 'shape.'
Round is also a ‘shape.’

That’s ok, to each his own.

However, in the world of Post-acute Rehabilitation, eating plays a role in affecting and effecting recovery.

The relationship between the self and food intersects at the meal, and this vital connection represents—physiologically, psychologically, and socially—one of the most transformative of human acts.

This essay seeks to discuss the depiction of food and the self in the memoirs of Sarah Manguso’s “The Two Kinds of Decay” and James Frey’s “A Million Little Pieces” in terms of rehabilitation and the recovery process.

The impact of food on a person’s recovery can be reflected in their physical self-representations and in their social functioning, as wells as their general attitudes towards self-maintenance and the nature of disease. In observing the specific eating behaviors of theses memoirists, this essay will attempt to contextualize those experiences within the broader framework of contemporary cultural movements, such as the self-help movement and the industrialization of food.

In conclusion, this essay will demonstrate the multiple ways in which food may indicate an individual’s overall wellness, both physical and psychological.

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