Dr. Mark Lebenthal Off To A Great Start At Regency Heritage!

We recently introduced Dr. Lebenthal to our staff of physicians.


Dr. Lebenthal will be spearheading our new and innovative CHF program at Regency Heritage.

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Dr. Lebenthal is already conducting weekly training and in-services for our staff!

In fact, On January 23rd, 2017, Dr Mark Lebenthal, MD, DACP, FACC, RPVI and Yaffa Liebermann, CEO, PT/GCS launched the Cardiopulmonary program.

5 patients and 5 therapists (variety of PT, OT and SLP) participated in the first stage of the program. Dr Lebenthal began by explaining the anatomy and physiology of the cardiopulmonary system, with use of visual aids during the presentation.

The program continued under Yaffa Liebermann who explained the focus of the course of treatment: to teach correct breathing with long exhalation versus short exhalation and to increase mobility of joints and muscle strength. Yaffa introduced the “tissue test,” in which the patient blows into a tissue and counts the seconds of exhalation.   This test was repeated several times to establish an average baseline per participant. Mobility and strengthening exercises were initiated to increase trunk mobility for better breathing and strengthening of lower extremities with focus on quadriceps.

The program was completed with a TUG test (Time Up and Go) which is a functional, standardized test for each participant. The patients were energetic, engaged and pleased with amount of knowledge they gained. This is a great start to the program!

Take a look at several photos from our first seminar:






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