Dr. Fouad S. Albana Visits Regency Nursing!

I just met in my office with one of our prominent doctors, Dr. Fouad S. Albana.

Dr. Albana dropped by our facility a short while ago to look after several of his patients.
He came by my office to chat for a bit and we took this excellent photograph together with our MDS Coordinator, Marybeth Hynes.

Left to Right: Judah Gutwein, Dr. Fouad S. Albana, Marybeth Hynes
Left to Right: Judah Gutwein, Dr. Fouad S. Albana, Marybeth Hynes

Dr. Albana is an exceptionally gifted practitioner of Internal Medicine in the Hazlet, NJ area and has worked with Regency Park Nursing and Rehab for many years.
He is incredibly skilled and incredibly compassionate. Our residents and their families are attracted to him for his care and charisma.
Indeed, we are thrilled to be associated with Dr. Albana and are blessed by our long relationship.

Dr. Albana is board certified in Nephrology and Internal Medicine.
He studied at the Al-Azhar Medical School in Egypt and completed his Residency at the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center.
His fellowship reads like a ‘whose who’ in the Medical World, with names like NYU Hospital and UMDNJ to showcase.
Dr. Albana also specializes in Pain Management.

To reach Doctor Albana’s staff, contact them at his office and let them know you found him on the Regency Nursing Directory.
Dr. Albana
2080 Highway 35, Holmdel, NJ 07733
Phone: 732-706-7200

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