Double Dose of Inspiration!

I have two for you all for today!

It is Friday, after all.

I may go out for a run later, but nowadays, running outdoors means I have to navigate around all of the pedestrians (young and old) who are totally engrossed in their Pokémon and oblivious to everything else.

I had a few near mishaps that way. I’m running away from Pokémon and they are running to Pokémon and the result was a near collision and I’d have been road kill.

So for me, inspiration must come from elsewhere for now, as the running is becoming tedious.

These two photos helped me be inspired and hopefully, you too.


The first, is from our good friends at and the second, is our very own beloved Melvin enjoying an ice cream this week at Regency Heritage (Kosher ice cream, since he happens to be Jewish).

Have a great weekend!



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