Don’t “Defy” Age, Embrace It!

All the rage today is to figure out how to defy your age.

Everywhere you turn, folks are bending themselves into ‘Houdini-like’ contortions in order to stem (and in fact to turn back) the inevitable signs of aging.

In fact, there are actually support groups geared towards battling the ills of “Ageism.”

The facial wrinkles and crease lines which once defined and reflected ones age and accumulated wisdom, is totally passé. Now we are smitten by the prospects of Botox injections, plastic surgeries and all manners of invasive medical interventions to make us look younger than we actually are.

When we were kids, we wanted to be older and now that we’re older, we wish to be young again.

I recently blogged here, regarding somebody’s silly reference to senior citizens as “seasoned citizens.”

The questions begged to be asked, is: What’s wrong with being old(er)??!

As my Wife says; “what’s the alternative?”

There are plenty of older residents living happily, in health and serenity, at any of our 5 star Rated Regency Nursing Centers in NJ.

We wrote the book on Centenarians and achieved a Guinness World Record in the process!

Regency in The Guinness World Record Book!
Regency in The Guinness World Record Book!

Age isn’t something to fear, but to embrace!

Well, apparently my kid caught the bug..

Just the other day, I was standing in the kitchen when I noticed him staring at me intently with a look that was more than cursory.

Not sure of myself and feeling a bit conspicuous by virtue of his piercing look, I asked him what he was looking at?

In a voice full of wonderment, he asked me when my hair turned so white!! From the tone of his voice it was a question asked in the pejorative.


We live together under the same roof and it was sort of gradual and didn’t happen over night..

Unable to conjure up a unique response, I simply borrowed the line from my Wife and asked in return; “what is the alternative?”

Indeed, when did aging become a bad thing?



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