Deep Vein Thrombosis Prevention

I am in absolute agony today from shoveling snow. I wrenched my back so bad, I’m actually having trouble breathing!
This snow really has to stop because apparently, men do all of the shoveling.
Does Costco sell Advil by the barrel?

Speaking of pain….

At Regency Nursing Centers, we are always on the lookout for new technologies in the field of healthcare, in order to improve upon existing modalities. We are especially excited about evolving improvements in the field of pain management.

With this in mind, I’d like to share with you a breakthrough technology in the prevention of deep pain Thrombosis.

Thrombosis Chart
Thrombosis Chart

A remarkable new portable vascular compression system weighs only one pound and offers a 17-hour battery life.

Typically, vascular compression devices applied to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) are 10- to 15-pound calibrated air pumps. These machines are hung at the foot of a bed, plugged into a wall socket and set to inflate and deflate pneumatic leg sleeves placed on non-ambulatory patients. Bed confinement and the inability to walk cause blood to pool in the lower extremities. As such, this form of therapy is critical in preventing clotting, which can lead to thrombosis. However, it also leaves patients tethered to the wall sockets in their rooms, unable to move without interrupting the vital therapy.

But this situation has suddenly changed dramatically. A device named Triple Play, available through Vascular PRN, can offer patients remarkable mobility and freedom. The formerly heavy air pump has been miniaturized to a tiny, one-pound package, and the device is powered by internal, rechargeable batteries that last about 17 hours. Triple Play continues to operate while recharging, so patients almost never have to interrupt therapy.

Check it out!

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