Couple Celebrates 80 Years Of Blissful Matrimony!

Regency loves this type of news story because we are quite good at ensuring the longevity of our patients and residents, many of whom are happy and healthy centenarians!

Thank You Carmela Petrozza at Regency Gardens for the tip!

A couple in Bournemouth are celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary. Helen and Maurice Kaye were married on August 27th 1934. They say the secret to their long married life is kindness, love and tolerance.

Helen, who is 101 and Maurice who is 102, met and married in London and courted for four years before getting married against the wishes of Helen’s mother, who didn’t think it would last.

Helen and Maurice
Helen and Maurice

They’ve not only been married for eight decades, but also spent most of their working lives together running a clothing business. They had four children, but one son died aged four and six great grand children.

There is a great video interview with this couple, especially when Helen wistfully¬†advises (much to the delight of her husband) that “MARRIAGE ISN’T A LOVY DOVY THING FOR 80 YEARS!!”

You need to check it out here.



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