Colorful Kermit at Regency Gardens!

This morning I got an email from our beloved Mary at Regency Gardens.

The folks at Gardens have always been spoiled by our magnificent outdoor landscaping and creeks and ponds and lush greenery and colors!

In the summertime, people from the surrounding community actually take their wedding pictures on our grounds and we are always happy to host.

So I wasn’t surprised when she sent me the following email:

“Judah, this fellow has been hanging around our “frog pond”. There are about 6 frogs in the little pond across from the big fish pond, but only ONE of this BLUE frog. I never saw one like this and can’t find him on the internet (no, he doesn’t look like the dart frog).”

Mary captured this photo of the Regency Gardens frog:

How is that for a beautiful frog!

We have a new name for him. Henceforth, he will be called “Colorful Kermit!”

The name is a nod to one of my best childhood friends, this guy below:

So my friends, the next time you visit beautiful Regency Gardens, please be on the lookout for our new mascot, “Colorful Kermit!”

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