CMS Proposes New Rules For Long Term and Post-Acute Care Centers

VIA: Providers – Bill Myers.

Washington—The Obama administration on Monday unveiled a new set of proposed regulations that would require the nation’s 15,000 long term and post-acute care centers to focus on what regulators are calling a “competence-based” approach to elder and rehabilitative care.

In an as-yet unpublished rulemaking notice, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) are asking for comment on rules that would require caregivers to asses their centers’ capabilities and their residents’ needs.

“Using the information from that assessment, facilities would be required to provide sufficient staff with the necessary competencies and skills to meet each resident’s needs based on acuity, diagnosis, and the resident’s person-centered comprehensive care plan,” the rulemaking notice states.

Most centers are already doing that kind of work, “at least informally,” but CMS officials say they want to “ensure” that the practice “is consistently performed and documented” in the nation’s care centers.

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