Choosing Regency Nursing in NJ is Easy!

I was just sent this fantastic article by ANNE MATTOS, writing for HITCHED. All roads point to Regency Nursing Homes. We qualify on every conceivable metric. I am in love with Regency, what can I say. Once you are done with your checklist, you will choose Regency Nursing in a nano second.

Finding the right nursing home is not easy, and you may be under pressure to move fast due to a recent hospitalization or deterioration in condition. The more information you have, the greater your chances of finding the right fit for you or a loved one.

Here are some tips on narrowing down your options:

* Start with referrals. Does your family physician or specialist have any recommendations? Do you know any friends or family who have used different homes? Knowing someone with first-hand experience with a home can help you narrow your choices. However, remember your needs may differ: one size does not fit all.

* Educate yourself. Online resources for nursing homes include ranking sites that utilize existing state data to rate nursing homes. Every state has what is called a long-term care ombudsman, which can be a valuable resource about the current condition of a nursing home. Advocacy groups can also provide hints on searching for the right facility. See the resources section below for more information.

* Consider your medical needs. Different nursing homes may have more expertise in different areas. Are they experienced in handling your condition of interest, such as for Alzheimer’s or a stroke? Or are you looking for more short-term rehabilitation?

* Factor in distance. In general, the more convenient the home, the easier it is for family and friends to visit.

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