Blessed Snow and Joy at Regency Senior Rehab Centers in NJ!

This morning I left the house early for a brisk 3 mile run. Lo and behold about a mile into the run it started to snow! Blessed snow! The first such storm of the winter! By the time I got home, I was coated and my glasses were rendered useless.

I was energized and pumped for another day at our splendid Regency Nursing Homes!

The snow really has a way of bringing out the Holiday spirit!

Our very own Frank D. of Regency Park in Hazlet certainly agrees!

Here he is knee deep in the joyous task of applying the finishing touches to the 2 west dayroom tree.

He looks enthused and so are we!

Frank D. looks pretty happy about the tree on 2 west!

Frank D. looks pretty happy about the tree on 2 west!


You know, last winter I posted a blog and picture of Regency Park during the first snow of the winter.

That was right here.

Well, here we are in the thick of the first storm of this winter and I’ve got an identical photo for you!

Take a look:

Snow at Regency!!

Snow at Regency!!


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