Appreciate Life!

Yesterday was a sad day for America.

The twin bombings at the iconic Boston Marathon, was a further illustration of the frailty of our lives and the cruelty of those who seek to destroy it.

For me personally, it was especially sobering since several of my close friends were running in the marathon and a few were within minutes of the explosions when they occurred.

I am actually an avid and accomplished runner. I had been training with many of my friends for this marathon, considered by many to be the penultimate running event of the year. Although I don’t personally participate in this event, I was excited to see my buddies meet the rigorous requirements for qualification and entry and was cheering them on from afar.

And then the bombs went off.130415160322-boston-marathon-explosion-07-c1-main

In the chaos of the ensuing hours, our network of friends scrambled to reach those runners and their families to ascertain that they were safe and out of harms way.
One by one, we confirmed their safety, until there was one friend who could not be reached. We later learned that he was mere minutes from the scene and actually had to be quarantined for his own safety.

When things calmed down and I had some time to reflect, I thought about the blessing that is our lives and the small pleasures we sometimes take for granted. It is a privilege to live on this earth and so long as we are here, we have an opportunity to leave an indelibly positive impact.

At Regency Nursing centers, we strive to cultivate the highest possible quality of life for those who come under our care.

To simply “survive” and “get by” is unacceptable. We ensure that our residents absolutely thrive in our environment. Indeed, they take great pleasure in their quality of life at our nursing centers.

Yes, it is a privilege to live.

For those who are here, it is a privilege to live at Regency Nursing Centers!

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