Actions Speak (Unless You Are Pacman)!

I’m often asked to point to a singular element or defining characteristic in describing the caliber of Regency employees and what sets them a cut above the rest.

While it is difficult to sum up many qualities succinctly and without inevitably short changing (brevity not being an attribute in the depicted scenario), I will make a valiant attempt nonetheless.

It is in their very actions that they define who they are.

Talk is cheap.

Empty platitudes, cheaper still.

Actions, however, speak volumes.

Our Regency employees act upon their stated compassion and empathy, by providing our patients with the highest level of care in the healthcare community!

This fact, makes us exceedingly proud.

On one occasion, a particular “wizenheimer” (I’m from Brooklyn, Google it, it’s a word, I promise) told me I was wrong.

He said actions don’t define and “anyone can fake it.”

I begged to differ.

Actions don’t define, perhaps, when you are engaged in playing Pacman, not when you are absorbed in the daily work of compassionate senior care and healing.

You can’t “fake” true empathy.

What, you don’t remember or understand my reference to Pacman!?!

How can you not remember Pacman (those of you who are over the age of 30)?!

What’s Pacman got to do with actions not always defining, you ask?!

Look at the graphic below and I think you’ll understand.

Oh, and I LOVED (and miss) Pacman!

May his memory be for a blessing.

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