Accolades For Regency Grande Rehab In Dover NJ!!!

I had a wonderful exchange this week with one of our thrilled families who recently placed a loved one at Regency Grande in Dover, NJ.

They wrote as follows:

Dear Staff,

We wanted to personally thank each one of the many individuals that assisted us with my fathers problems during his stay with you. Your attention and sincere care for Lev has given him a new lease on life. He was not able to do almost anything and now he is at least able to care for himself because of your rehabilitation center. Special thanks to Carla, Darlene, Jennifer, Jill, Marlyn and Kettellie for your special attention and understanding.

Have a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year to you all.

Stanley and Irina Slosberg.

I replied as follows:


It was a pleasure speaking with you a few moments ago.

I must tell you, it brought tears to my eyes to hear your heartfelt praise for Regency Grande. I was equally blessed to have received your initial testimonial to our webpage.

Dad was in the hospital 6 days and couldn’t walk when he was admitted post hospitalization to our 5 star facility for in-patient rehab.

He is now healed and ready to tackle the world again thanks to his determination and perseverance and to the love and expert care of our devoted staff!

It is a beautiful and familiar story.

It is the Regency story!

We are thrilled that you were a part of it and that you honored and entrusted us with the opportunity to rehabilitate your Father to his prior level of functioning.

Warmest Regards,

Judah G.

Regency Grande, Dover, NJ
Regency Grande, Dover, NJ


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