A Very Special Tree At Regency Park!

A few years ago, I blogged about a tree located right outside the main entrance to our beautiful Regency Park Nursing & Post-Acute Rehab in Hazlet, NJ!

What is so significant about a tree, you might wonder?

Well, this is no ordinary tree, but one that sprouts beautiful leaves along its bark to mark the beginning of spring and summer!!

It was so unique and so beautiful to me at the time when I noticed it, I captured this photo underneath and blogged it right hereĀ on http://www.njnursing.com the very same day!



However, much to my chagrin, the next year when spring and summer came around, I noticed that someone (I assume the landscaper) had removed the leaves from the bark itself. I thought it added a beautiful touch, but the horticulturalists apparently thought otherwise.

Oh well, I got over it.

Well, guess what!

This morning, as I was making my way into Regency Park, I noticed this tree and lo and behold, those very same leaves are beginning to sprout forth!

A rebirth of sorts and perhaps symbolic of how we renew ourselves each and every morning as we set about tackling the day and improving the lives of ourselves and those around us.

I’m kind of hoping the leaves will remain this year…

I guess time will tell.

I took this photo of the tree today!



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