A Time To Remember, A Time To Cry.


I’m sure you knew exactly where you were at 8:46 am.

We were living in Brooklyn N.Y. at the time and I was driving my wife to work. My first inclination that something was amiss was when we noticed paper and debris floating through the air from the direction of Manhattan right across the bridge.

The moment of realization for all of us, will forever be seared in our hearts.

Everything changed after that.

We saw with pristine clarity, the face of evil and those who wish to destroy our way of life and our freedoms.

We witnessed true bravery and the unassailable spirit of everyday Americans and heroes in uniform who put their lives on the line when it mattered most.

Our family lost a close friend on that day.

Nancy Morgenstern, was 32 years old and worked at Cantor Fitzgerald. She was in the tower when the plane struck.

We grieved with her family on that day, but it wasn’t until several years later when her remains were found in the rubble with a positive DNA match, that her family was able to truly mourn.

Nancy was a graceful and compassionate young woman at the prime of her life. She was joyful, devoutly religious and had a zest for life.

She was a travel agent and an avid biker and was loved by all.

Nancy Morgenstern
Nancy Morgenstern


Evil needs to be vanquished and eradicated wherever it exists.

Each of us has the ability to do our own share in our sphere of influence to expel the forces of darkness and light the candle of freedom.

Every smile, every gesture of kindliness towards someone you care about, serves to further the cause of hope.

Today at Regency Nursing Centers in New Jersey, we remember our fallen heroes, and we salute our brave men and women in uniform who fight still, so that we may enjoy our freedoms.

We embrace them with our thoughts and prayers and with our everlasting gratitude.

“Let Freedom Ring!!”

To forget, is to forgive. Never forget.
To forget, is to forgive.
Never forget.


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