A Regency Tribute To Our Dearest Molly

Beloved Molly.

When I think about you, I find myself smiling because of the special relationship we shared.

It is true that we develop a love and affection for all of our patients and residents at our Regency Nursing Homes across the State.

Indeed, I am always amazed to witness the loving care and devotion to our residents, exhibited by every Regency employee.

And so it was with you, dearest Molly.

I was drawn to you from the moment I met you at the Regency Jewish Heritage Nursing and Rehab Center in Somerset, where you spent your wonderful final years!

Your natural ebullience and vivacious personality endeared you to everyone. You had a special zest for life and it was absolutely contagious!

We all loved you dearly and you loved us in return.

I’ll never forget your early morning greetings over the loudspeaker, encouraging all of our residents to enjoy the day’s events and activities at Regency!

The special song you’d sing for us, “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you and when you’re laughing, the whole world laughs with you,” succinctly characterizes your own life and the indelible impression you left on all who were privileged to know you.

We are forever grateful that we were able to make your final years full of joy, laughter and accomplishments.

We shall never forget you, Molly and we thank you for enriching our lives!

I will miss you dearly and I promise to continue singing your song at Regency!

Your enduring legacy is your gift bequeathed to your biological family and to your Regency family!

Rest in peace.

Taking my beloved Molly for a spin!
Taking my beloved Molly for a spin!
with Molly earlier this year
with Molly earlier this year


Getting a hug from Molly!
Getting a hug from Molly!


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