A First Impression For The Ages….

I had an epiphany this afternoon.

Just so I could ‘set the table for you,’ let me begin by somewhat ashamedly admitting that I’ve put on about 5 pounds over the past few months, due to a combination of factors, including (but not limited to) a slightly different schedule and a new infatuation with an old nemesis; my local bakery.

I’m still running though. A bit slower in speed and cadence, perhaps, but running all the same. I’m averaging about 20-30 running miles each week in between bites of crumb cake and apple turnovers.

I noticed a new thing too. I used to run 5 miles at a stretch before I had to stop for a breath. Now I stop to breathe after two miles and make believe I’m stopping to tie my shoelaces so that nobody else in my periphery thinks I’m flabby.

Late this afternoon, I went out for a 5 mile run.

I stopped in middle to “tie my laces” (read: catch my breath) and as luck would have it, it was just then that I bumped into someone who I know from the community.

He looks at me and says “oh, so you’re a walker, I didn’t realize that!”

To him, it was either a compliment, or a simple declarative statement of observation.

To me, it was like a swift and painful kick in the gullet!

Me! A “walker?!?!”

I AM A RUNNNNNNEEEERRRR,!!!!! I wanted to shout, but didn’t.

And it was a good thing I didn’t protest, because I already had my first chance to make my first impression and indeed I did impress.

– I impressed him as a plodding walker who was stopped over and fiddling around with his laces, not a runner who could probably still crank out 10 miles without stopping once  – if there were a chocolate danish waiting for me at the end of the trip!


I thought about the expression of “having only one chance to make that first impression,” and the last time I used/thought about it.

The last time I used that line, was in one of the very best articles I ever wrote for Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers (in my opinion) which was picked up right over here by our friends at Provider Magazine!

If you have read to the bottom of this piece, you might as well humor me some more and read the article from that time! It is a great and valuable read for all Healthcare providers and family members too!

Take a look


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