Definition Of A Regency Nursing Employee

I write these lines at 3am as I sit on a coach bus traveling for many hours amongst people in close quarters.

There is a fellow sitting over in the seat next to me. A nice amicable gentleman with a friendly demeanor. Except, every ten minutes or so, he suddenly breaks out in a fit of violent spasms which flares up for a minute and then subsides.  Clearly, this persson is struggling with some type of neurological disorder and my heart is breaking for him. I am particularly humbled to notice how he is bracing himself before each episode so as not to upset those of us around him.

Here, we are all taking this walk through life and dealing with the minutia of our daily personal struggles, both big and small.

The bottom line, however, is that one who has good health, possesses everything! There is no substitute for good health and it is truly the penultimate blessing for anyone.

Working in Healthcare and particularly for Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers, helps keep me grounded. Regency employees are humbled when we are entrusted with the care of elderly people who are compromised in some way. The responsibility is awesome and the burden is immense. We treat our residents and patients as we would our own parents and we develop a love for each one of them.

Although compassion and empathy can be further developed and refined, a person must possess these qualities at his core. Some things you simply cannot teach, you either have it in you or you don”t.

Regency Nursing Founder, Mr. David Gross, has been successful in setting the standard for his industry because of his keen understanding of people and his ability to discern talent. Under his stewardship, Regency Nursing Centers across New Jersey, have put together the most talented staff of Healthcare professionals.

In hiring his staff, his focus is  to hire people who are inherently nice, passionate and compassionate. if they cannot demonstrate these qualities, they have no place in the Regency family.

Mr. Gross sees no benefit in hiring an excellent clinician whose heart is like stone and cannot utilize the “tools” of compassion before reaching into his medical kit!

He often says “we can train our employees in  our methods and techniques, but we cannot teach them nice.”

It is this creed and this relentless drive towards excellence that makes Regency Nursing Centers the envy of our industry.

I am proud to be a part of the Regency family!

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