5 Ways Seniors Can Improve Physical and Mental Health. By: Regency Nursing Centers NJ

As you age, taking care of your physical and mental health becomes increasingly more important. However, the process can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure where to start. Consider these six tips from Regency Jewish Heritage Post-Acute, Rehab and Nursing Center in Somerset NJ (Part of The Regency Alliance on Senior Care, “Where Caring Comes to Life!”) to help you get going, and you’ll be on the fast track to feeling better.

  1. Finding the Perfect Hobby

Too much downtime can be a real problem after retirement. Start thinking about what you love to do with your time. Hobby Zeal notes that you could take up collecting something you’re passionate about or learn to work with your hands doing something like carpentry. If you’re an artistic person, consider painting or pottery. You can even take classes and meet new friends.

  1. Exercising With Purpose

Exercising can be a multi-task project. For example, gardening can function as exercise and provide you with nutritious fruits and vegetables for your diet. Research cited by You Should Grow shows that pulling weeds, raking, shoveling, and harvesting all burn a significant amount of calories. Plus, you get the added benefit of soaking up vitamin D from the sun.

  1. Talking to a Nutritionist About Diet

Not all diets are meant to be the same. While there are many things that are universally good for your health, there are many healthy things that would not fit into everyone’s diet. For example, fruit is healthy, but it’s not a great source of nutrients for a person with diabetes. Talk to your doctor or a nutritionist about what foods you should incorporate into your diet.

  1. Learning Something New

Do something you’ve never done before to keep yourself mentally stimulated. For example, if you’ve never been an outdoors person, try hiking to see if you might change your mind. If you’re concerned about safety, look into available medical equipment to make it easier. Ask your grandchildren what they like to do. You may even spend a day playing video games and find out you love it, and you get to sneak in much-needed quality time simultaneously.

  1. Volunteering Your Time

Volunteering is a great way to boost your mental health and help your community. Giving back can make you feel appreciative of what you have and thankful that you can make a difference in the world. You’ll also make friends along the way and be part of a larger community. You may even find a cause you feel passionate about and start to dedicate yourself to something bigger than yourself.

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