Who Needs A Physician When You Have Google!

You all know the drill.

Stub your toe, get a paper cut, have some sort of mystery ailment? In the old days, you would consult with your physician.

But that was a hassle. You had to schedule an appointment and they were always booked solid when you were free. Besides, who wants to pay a whopping co-pay just to ask a few questions and get a few answers!

Shortly after I became addicted to running, I went out for a 20 mile run. I figured, no big deal, if I could run 5 miles in a shot, what’s another 15, right? Wrong. Very wrong.

At 14 miles into the run, I started experiencing a throbbing pain below my left knee. The pain gradually worsened but I ran through it, as I has no choice, I was yet 6 miles from home.

By mile 18, the pain was acute and I literally could not move another step. I hobbled home the last 2 miles.

I was devastated and thought I had torn a ligament or worse. What did I do? I went online and did some research. I got allot of bad results until I stumbled on the actual cause of my pain. It was ITB, which is common among runners (Google it here, if you care enough), especially those who tackle long runs too soon and before they’ve built up the stamina and worked on proper biomechanics.

The point is, what I thought was a “career ending” injury, was actually no big deal and correctable.

Thank you Google!!

However, I did say that many of the Google results were flat out wrong and in no way germane to my issues. This was a bit disconcerting.

That’s why I’m excited about this new news from Google!

To combat poor and unrelated user feedback to medical related queries and searches, Google and the Mayo Clinic are joining forces to add a host of medical terms and conditions to Google’s search engine. So when you Google certain maladies, you’ll be provided with information that has been vetted and approved by the doctors at the Mayo Clinic.

Great stuff!





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