The “Polar Vortex” Activates The “Storm Desk?”

Good morning friends.

It’s cold out there! Brutally cold.

polar vortex





In fact, I think we are experiencing the first real “Polar Vortex” of the winter season.

What is a “polar vortex,” you wonder? I had no idea myself until I heard the news folks throwing the term around. It turns out the “polar vortex” has become the lexicon of winter weather language.

So what is a polar vortex? A polar vortex is the coldest temperatures found in the northern hemisphere relative to average from the surface to 18,000 feet above ground.


Make any sense now? No? I didn’t think so.

So who exactly is responsible for officially declaring a polar vortex?

Well of course, it is the folks from the special “storm desk” which is “activated” at various news stations whenever the temperature dips below 10 degrees (I’m talking about the regular temperature, not the “real feel temperature,” but that’s a whole other conversation..).

Make any sense now?


I know what you mean.

I have no idea why they must “activate” a special “storm desk.” I mean, honestly, why can’t the regular news folks stay behind to cover the vortex? Are they any less qualified? Seems like wasteful spending to have 1 desk for regular weather and a specially activated desk for really inclement “vortex” weather?

Perhaps the illustration below will help.

The special storm desk guys are activated and reporting for duty!
The special storm desk guys are activated and reporting for duty!





The other thing is, the more I hear the word ‘polar’ bandied around, I find myself thinking about dear old Gus, who I blogged about some time ago, right here.

Gus is surely missing this weather!

In any event, I wish all of you a safe and warm day and if you do plan on visiting your loved ones at any of our Regency Nursing Centers, please avail yourself to a delicious steaming cup of coffee located at any of the nourishment stations throughout the building!

Drink to your health and with our compliments!

Have a superb, stupendous and blessed weekend!




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