Smooth Running at Beautiful Regency Nursing Facilities In NJ!

I was tickled to read a small blurb by Elizabeth Newman writing for Provider magazine. She points to a recent study conducted by the University of Exeter Medical School, which seeks to draw a correlation between noted sensory stimulation in elderly nursing home residents when placed in beautiful outdoor spaces.

I’ve gotta say, I had a complete ‘Duh’ moment When I read this!

I’ve been proposing this very idea ever since I joined Regency Nursing Centers and I’m not a graduate with a degree in Floriculture or a research analyst for the nursing industry!

I’m just a spoiled guy who got used to the absolutely breathtaking gardens and outdoor spaces at our Regency Nursing and Post-acute Rehabilitation Centers.

We spoil our residents too. We encourage outdoor relaxation and invigoration on our sprawling grounds and our residents thrive in these environments.

In fact, one of the compliments I hear most often from touring families is that our residents look relaxed, happy and stimulated.


Better yet, AMEN!!!!

When our residents sit outside (or inside) they don’t share the same sentiment as these two folks who worry about their “engine lights.”

Nobody's "engine light" activates at Regency. Our residents 'motors' purr with vibrancy and vitality!
Nobody’s “engine light” activates at Regency. Our residents ‘motors’ purr with vibrancy and vitality!


Join us for a tour at any of our Regency facilities and see what I’m talking about.

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