“One For The Books!”

This is truly “one for the books!”

If you’re looking for a shiny new copy of the Guinness World Book Of Records at your local Barnes and Nobles, forget about it!

We just received a shipment of 2000 (yes, 3 zeros..) copies, delivered to our gorgeous Regency Heritage facility in Somerset!!


Simple, we are quite proud of our heralded Centenarian World Record Accomplishment and would like to showcase this feat to our many dedicated professionals, Doctors and families!


Regency Record featured on this page!!
Regency Record featured on this page!!

This creative idea is the brainchild of our Regency Founder and President, who continues to push the limits of traditional modalities, not only in the Healthcare he provides through his World Class Regency Post acute Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Centers, but also in the types of unique marketing initiatives he undertakes.

In fact, I am proud to inform you that we have recently partnered with yet another reputable online Healthcare resource, which averages over 1 million unique visitors each month!

We will be providing our educational materials and unique content copy for folks to learn about all things related to Senior Healthcare!

This too, was done at the behest of our Founder and President.

Oh? So you wish to know the name of the website?

I’m sorry, but that’s classified information for now.

Google Regency and see what you come up with.

Hey, does Coca-Cola divulge their priceless recipe?

Even when you ask?

I didn’t think so!

Now go take on the day.

coca cola

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