An Emotional Reunion at Regency Park Postacute Rehab Center!

The most amazing thing just occurred.

I was sitting in our admissions office minding my own business when in walked a delightful couple.

My first reaction was that they were coming to discuss placement for an elderly loved one.

However, it turns out that the missus was actually a patient of ours who came to us in May of 2012 for rehab after a partial knee replacement surgery at Bayshore Hospital.

They were in the area today and dropped by with a gift and a beautiful card to say thank you!

I was incredibly moved and we all got quite emotional.

Here is the text of her letter and our photo we took together right underneath.

“On May 22, 2012 I had a knee replacement surgery at Bayshore Hospital. On May 25th I went to Regency Park Nursing Center for two weeks. I was very nervous about going because I always heard bad stories about nursing homes. Well, they weren’t true about your place. The rooms were clean and the nursing staff and therapy departments were the best.

I enjoyed going outside every day and sitting on your beautiful patio with the waterfalls. I always looked forward to the afternoon and evening snacks.

Thanks to you and Dr. Ani and the physical therapy department I am fully recovered and was able to dance at my 50th Wedding Anniversary party! I enclosed a picture from the party.

They say better late than never! This thank you letter is a little late, but I did appreciate everything you did for me.”

Thank you again,

Linda Boyce

Left to right: An ecstatic Judah with Linda and Hartson Boyce.

Left to right: An ecstatic Judah with Linda and Hartson Boyce.

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