Absolutely, The Residents Are Right!

Regency is a home and a haven for so many.

Our facilities are beautiful and our days are busy.

Our residents talk about the special serenity they feelĀ  in the facility at night when the long day has already receded into the shadows.

I enjoy nights at the facility too. I get much accomplished at night after business hours when things are quiet.

Tonight I’m at beautiful Regency Park in Hazlet taking care of some paperwork and I must say, I completely concur with the assessment of our residents regarding the serenity and warmth that envelopes our facility at night.

The residents are right!

Speaking of ‘Residents Rights,’ our good friends at SeniorAdvisor.com just published my latest article on this important topic!

Click on this link, or the snapshot below to read the entire article!

resident rights


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